• Our vehicles will be environmentally friendly to the world environment.
A new company seeking to unlock the science and potentials of 'gravity engine' technologies and
create safe, environmentally friendly, fast forms of aerospace vehicles to
improve humanities
journey into the future.
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Hello Everyone. Welcome to 'Proton Aerospace'. This is a new business venture based around
backwards engineering 'anti gravity' engine theories that would run on 'zero point' power systems. The
driving mission is to learn exactly how anti-gravity propulsion works and how zero point systems work to
power such engines, and then creation of vehicles that would safely fly people. Such vehicles would
have clean energy, no carbon footprint. They also travel at speeds above supersonic, speeds around
7,000 KPH or 4350 MPH. These vehicles could wisk people to far off reaches of the Earth in minutes to
an hour. Imagine an ambulance that could pick up a hurt individual 1200 miles away in just 30 minutes
and bring that person to a proper hospital specific to that persons needs in quick order?

That is the dream....