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Prior to World War II, the German people had developed magnetic flight technology.  Their first
craft was flimsy and unstable in flight, but later, became far more advanced.  Their vehicles ran
on a zero point energy system called the 'Kohler Konverter' and their gravity engine used liquid
Mercury and a large gyro with various magnet packs located around the perimeter of the gyro.  
These craft were finally logged as flying as fast as 7,000 KPH or 4350 MPH in the atmosphere,
and these teams were seeking to make these craft for space flight use.  They claimed their final
version Haunebu III was capable of space flight, with out-of-atmosphere speeds being
approximately 44,000 KPH.

Most information was destroyed or lifted out to remote German bases in the world, such as
Uruguay, South America and Base 211 in Antarctica.  Most of the craft were flown out of
Germany when the borders fell in 1945.  The largest vehicle of the Haunebu fleet was in charge
of air-lifting people out of Germany.  This vehicle, the Haunebu III, was capable of carrying up to
72 souls which included crew.   Little evidence was left for study.

This page will show you a fraction of what we know they did have back in 1945.  Sightings of
their craft continued for several years after the end of WWII.
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