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Concepts Gallery
Transport: Passenger and Cargo Model
Engine Concepts
Single Pilot Sport Model
One of many gravity engine concepts.  This is a design sketch rendering of a version of the German
engines but with the Mercury chamber moved to the outer perimeter of the aeroshell.  The crew cabin is a
composite structure in the center while the engine is a 'doughnut' like torroid surrounding the crew cabin.
This particular concept would carry a crew of 2 and able to carry 6 to 8 people, or cargo.  The craft would be designed along the perimeters of the performance
characteristics of the Haunebu III, but smaller, more compact, more state of the art.  Flight speed would be 4,350 MPH or 7,000 KPH.  These would run on Zero Point tech
similar to the Haunebu.  With this, one could fly from Phoenix to Nantucket Island in 34 minutes with calm skies at 40K to 60K altitude.  Its design mission is to make
continental hops with either passengers or cargo or ambulance uses.  The unique qualities of this drive system means you can take off and land with no dangerous rotor
blades spinning about, vertical take-off and landing, needing only a clearing to land on.  Hardly any sound is produced, making them nearly silent.  A humming sound of
electricity is audible if the surrounding area is quiet enough to allow you to hear the craft humming.
This is a concept for a small, one man disc.  It is supposed to be very lite-weight.  One engine sketch to the
left shows a radical engine assembly that would weigh quite a bit.  The design target though calls for a
vehicle that would be very lite-weight, very fast, very simple.  The crew cabin is the center of the craft and
at slow flight speeds, can pop up and allow for a panoramic view all around with glass, similar to a
periscope, but using the entire cabin to slide up.  A second option is that you could remove the cabin to
work on the engine, you could change out the cabin for a different variant cabin, or even a empty drone to
carry small cargo to a site.  It is possible to even make the crew module to eject in case of catastrophic
flight failure.