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A new company striving to unlock the mystery of anti-gravity
technology and produce safe forms of transportation using these
new, powerful, clean running gravity engine technologies.
Our plans

Short term;
Research into anti-gravity theories and mechanics which includes
basic quantum principals with a large study of this also going into new
zero point energy technologies.

Mission Plan
*  Create a functioning anti-gravity engine concept that runs on zero

*  Create flying drone vehicles that can test the performances of this
engine and power system.

*  Create manned vehicles for testing.

*  Begin manufacture of manned vehicles for the public sector;
  ** Ambulance and rescue craft
  ** Mission deployment vehicles for Church Missions
          - Deliver teams and food supplies and medical supplies to
            remote Mission locations world wide.
         - Emergency rescue and retrieval craft for Missionary teams
  ** Executive Aviation sector, private transportation

Long Term;
*  Far future vision; space craft capable vehicles that could put people
on other worlds and moons throughout the solar system and possibly
other star systems.
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